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Business Structure Selection and Incorporation

I can help you navigate the maze of different business entity choices and determine the most tax advantageous form of operating your business. I can also help you incorporate the selected business entity under your specific state law.  You can avoid paying exorbitant attorney fees to accomplish the same.

What specific Business Entity advisory services can you offer? 
I will help you select a business structure designed to minimize taxes and accommodate both short and long-term goals of the business and its owners. Many businesses are established without fully considering the variety of alternative business entity forms, leading to unintended tax consequences or complications. I start with an understanding of your business plans. I will then review and discuss with you the benefits and challenges of available business structure alternatives in a way that helps you select the most advantageous entity structure consistent with your personal and business plans.. 

What are the benefits of such advisory services?
I can help you decide if a different entity form makes sense, given changes in the nature of your current business operations. 
The benefits of proper entity selection include income tax reduction, liability protection, operational flexibility, and ease of business expansion and succession.

What are the consequences of not securing proper Business Entity Alternatives advisory opinions?
Selecting the wrong form of business may cost additional unnecessary taxes, reduce or limit employee benefits, increase liability, reduce operational flexibility, and complicate business expansion and succession planning. 

Did you know- As an S Corporation shareholder, you are not subject to self employment taxes on pass through income, as a partner in a partnership would be.  You are also subject to self employment income on your net profits as a sole proprietor (Schedule C).  However, as an S Corporation shareholder, you are still required to take a reasonable salary to satisfy IRS requirements.  Contact me to find out more about tax planning alternatives available to you to optimize your tax situations by making the right entity choice.  I can use sample income situations to run through various income scenarios and determine optimally tax advantageous situations to suit your business. 

As I quote in my opening remarks on my homepage, ........Over and over again, the courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible....

Please ensure you discuss any plans you may have to establish a new business or that may suggest a change to a new business entity form.