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Bala Krishnamurti, CPA and Tax Accountant has been serving clients in CT, NY NJ and MA since 2001. He has extensive experience in Corporate tax, serving as Tax Supervisor at CIGNA Corporation and Director of Tax at Smith & Wesson Corporation. His expertise lies in Individual, Small Business ( Partnership & S Corporations), Estates & Trust and Corporate Taxation.

He also provides full service bookkeeping services, Sales and Use Tax filings and Audit Defense with Federal(IRS) and State Tax Authorities.

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Here are three changes to tax law that took place in tax year 2019:

1. Alimony payments from divorce or separation agreements made or changed after December 31, 2018 will not be deductible.

2. The penalty if you don't have health insurance (and didn't receive an exemption) has been eliminated. However, you still have to reconcile for premium tax credits if you received advance premium tax payments.

3. The threshold for deducting qualifying medical and dental expenses has risen from 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) to 10%, making it harder to deduct those expenses. So, if your AGI is $60,000, you could only deduct those qualifying expenses that exceed $6,000. Less? You're out of luck.

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For more information on the above,you may contact me at bala@cttaxman.com.

As a CPA, it is my duty to provide the most ethical services to my clients, in the most cost effective manner.  From time to time there may be a dispute as to the interpretation of certain statutes.  If there is such a dispute, it will be my duty to interpret the statute in the manner most beneficial to my client, keeping within the framework of the law.

You may hear it said that anyone can follow a form, and do the math required to file a tax return.  What is really important is the expertise to discern what numbers are appropriate, to decide what forms are most beneficial, to interpret the instructions to know if, when, and how they apply, and to arrange your tax affairs to optimize tax savings.

If you're not careful how you do your tax planning or invest, you can turn over many thousands of dollars to the IRS over your lifetime...willingly.

As a seasoned professional with over 20 years of tax preparation and planning experience, I am confident that I am experienced and trained to discern, recognize, and optimize key tax-efficient planning opportunities.  I go above mere number organizing to make certain only the right numbers get crunched, and ensure the right issues are addressed.  Corporate, partnership, sales and use, estate, trust, payroll - I am experienced and qualified to help you with all these and other core tax planning and preparation needs.

Bala Krishnamurti

Choosing The Right Accountant

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